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Dr Mario Alam

The World Doctor mission is to provide holistic healthcare, empowerment, and education that create transformative change in the health and wellness of people and the broader community. Dr Mario does this by creating a stable platform to transform lives with an impact that will last a lifetime.

Dr Mario Alam is the founder of World Doctor. A qualified GP and holistic Practitioner, Dr. Mario marries his training in Western Medicine with years of learning from the greatest of spiritual teachers- life.

After years of working in some of Australia’s busiest hospitals, in remote Aboriginal communities and in Cancer centres, Mario now works with individuals at his private practice and facilitates RESET Retreats all over the globe.

Dr Mario can take an individual from a place of uncertainty to an instant of clarity, where concerns about their health and wellbeing are met with not only answers but support and guidance about how to find their way back to health.

After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Mario was drawn to explore the benefits of the mind, body and environment connection as treatment. What he found were answers and ways to effectively manage his condition.

He now shares his journey to help others experience the profound effects of mind-body connection by imparting his knowledge, wisdom, and experience to his patients and RESET retreat participants.

Dr. Mario uses his signature process, known as Soul Line Therapy™ to guide individuals to unlock the past. Based on techniques taught directly from spiritual leaders, tribal elders, shamans and medical pioneers, Soul Line Therapy™ will unlock and unblock all the layers of emotional density that this life, and even past lives, have burdened each of us with, and as a result enable each individual to re-embrace their natural state of vitality and reconnection to their authentic self.

RESET is a transformative 6 day retreat program that provides a simple yet powerful framework to safely let go of the densities of emotions held in our bodies that contribute to dis-ease and disempowerment. RESET encompasses various modalities from around the world including SOUL LINE THERAPY ™, Psychosomatics, Neurolinguistics, Theta healing and Alignment

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