Anneliese Rose

Anneliese brings love to where it appears not to be. She is a consciousness guide and has been supporting others in self enquiry and awakened embodiment in private sessions and retreats for over 10 years.

Anneliese is deeply dedicated to fully embracing and embodying presence in her everyday life and she is passionate about humanity knowing their responsible power and their wisdom within.

She is an initiated healer, offering sessions which bridge the awareness of the One into the world of the many through tangible pathways of harmonic relating with self and other. Anneliese works with individuals, couples and all relations.

As a native to Arizona, her roots are in the language of the Sonoran desert. Her life path and work draw from her experience living and learning with indigenous peoples in Africa, North America, South America, plant and animal teachers, wise men and women, and the conscious dream of life itself. 

Anneliese is a perpetual student of the University of Life and has a past as a journalist and award-winning documentary filmmaker. She studied at the University of California, Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Socioeconomics and Politics of the Developing World and pre-medicine studies in Neurobiology.


“The Design of Love- birthing conscious culture through heart-led minds”

A group journey into self enquiry- grounding gifts and pathways of awareness into the actualization of your everyday life. Together we learn and live our power, our purpose, and our innate wisdom within.

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