Become a RESET Practitioner

Become a certified RESET & Soul Line therapy™ Practitioner by learning Dr Mario Alam's signature process. Gain the key skills to be able to perform the RESET process in your personal practice and run your own retreats.

Level 1

Completion of RESET Program as a participant allows you entry into the supportive network of the RESET tribe. You will have the skills to experience the ongoing benefits of the RESET process and the skills to provide a RESET for family and friends in the community.

Level 2

Completion of 1 RESET 5-day program, and attend at least 1 RESET 5-day program as an assistant. Facilitate a RESET session on 3 different individuals with an evaluation report from the clients sent to the RESET organization. Upon receiving these evaluation forms and evaluation in a supportive role, the RESET team will send you a certificate of RESET level 2. You are then registered to RESET individuals. Your name will be placed in the World Doctor registry for RESET practitioners so that you can be found by clients around the world.

Level 3

Completion of RESET Level 2 and assisted RESET Programs a minimum of 3 times having been witnessed giving a RESET session by one of the RESET creators and received approval from the RESET team. You have the ability to hold reset programs anywhere around the world. You will be supported by the WORLD DOCTOR community. A percentage of profits will return to WORLD DOCTOR for business development and growth.