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Damien Bohler

Damien is a pragmatic visionary who loves synthesising complex information into digestible forms. He has a diverse range of interests that coalesce around the potential evolutionary future of humanity. He has been facilitating groups for 13 years, and is a natural teacher and educator.


Intersubjective Explorations through the Human Mycelial Web

The space between us is, in many ways, one of the untapped frontiers in the exploration of the human psyche. Whilst the psychonaut goes inwards, exploring their own rich inner world... the interweaver steps outwards and into the intersubjective field.

When more than one human gathers, something novel arises. This is the "We" space and it is always present, and yet largely ignored and taken for granted.

Culture is formed in this space, relationships thrive or degenerate through this space, all collaborative human endeavour arises out of this space.

So how do we make this field, that we are all already always participating in... conscious?

That's the question we will be exploring as a direct experience in this workshop.

Damien Bohler
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