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Dr. Baback Amen

Dr Baback Amen is a medical doctor with a deep seated reverence for the entheogenic realm.

He has witnessed first hand the healing and evolutionary capabilities of the visionary plants, having sat alongside Indigenous elders in the Amazon rainforest, the deserts and plains of Mexico, and the reservations of North America, as well as having assisted in structured clinical psychedelic sessions alongside psychotherapists in urban settings.

Dr Amen’s foray into Psychedelic Medicine has been informed by his extensive training in pharmacology, physiology and the neurosciences, as well as by his ardent study of various mystical wisdom traditions. His interdisciplinary approach has afforded him unique insights into the therapeutic capabilities of entheogens, as well as an abiding faith in the potential of these sacrements to catalyse seismic shifts in the collective consciousness of humanity.

Dr Amen is a specialist Anaesthesiologist, as well as a Functional and Longevity Medicine practitioner. He is a graduate of the Mind Medicine Australia Course in Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy, and has sought to deepen his expertise in the arena of Psychedelic Medicine by way of observerships in the USA.

When he isn’t indulging his interminable wanderlust by travelling the globe in search of illumination and adventure, bathing in dust at Burning Man, or working himself silly in his private practice in Melbourne, Dr Amen is a resident of the Byron Shire. He is also a passionate percussionist, an avid yet amateurish surfer, a brazen biohacker, and an incorrigible health and fitness nut.


Psychedelic Neuroscience – The Molecular Levers of Consciousness

The neurophysiological and biochemical change induced in the brain by psychedelics is the subject of intense scientific enquiry. Within the last decade, significant insights have been gained into how various psychedelic compounds alter the activity of the central nervous system, and this new understanding has reignited the age-old debate around the mechanisms by which the human brain mediates consciousness.

Join Dr Baback Amen on an insightful and lively tour of the neuroscience of psychedelics. This will be a jargon free (or rather, jargon clearly explained!) talk that requires no prior scientific background to enjoy, as Dr Amen will demystify the often technical and academic principles that underpin the mechanics of brain function.

The presentation will start with foundational principles before moving on to take an eagle-eye overview of the different realms of endeavour within this vast field, and then close by bringing the discussion back to the practical and clinical implications of this exciting field of research.

Dr. Baback Amen
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