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What is Embodying Psychedelia


Embodying Psychedelia stands as the leading network gathering for professionals within the realm of psychedelic embodiment in Australia. Tailored specifically for practitioners and visionaries, this transformative gathering features a carefully curated lineup of Australia’s foremost experts within the psychedelic healing space.


These experts deliver insightful talks and workshops centered around psychedelic embodiment and trauma healing, blending scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom, somatic practices, and shamanic traditions.

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Who is this for?

Coaches, Counsellors, Psychologists, Doctors and Nurses, Breathworkers and Medicine Facilitators of any kind Acupuncturists, Naturopath and Wellness Practitioners, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists.. the Hand Healers. Yoga and Pilates Instructors, Qigong, Tai Chi and more, Quantum and Reiki Practitioners, Tantra and Life Coaches, Artists, Dance Facilitators, Art Therapists and the Poets, Mystics, Teachers and Healers. You know who you are...

What to expect

  • Leading Presenters: Embodied Workshops, Talks on Psychedelics, Latest Advancements, Psychedelic Therapies, Panel Discussions

  • Embodied Workshops: Somatic Therapies, Mindfulness Practices, Movement and Dance, Breathwork, Yoga, Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Energy Healing, Sound

  • Tribal Village: Tribal Village, Sweat Lodge, Healing Temple, Outdoor Workshops, Massage Therapy, Sauna & Icebaths, Sacred Fire, Drumming

  • Market Place: Therapeutic Products, Psychedelic Informed Services, Delicious Food, Elixir Bar, Live Music, Performers, Artists, Zen Zone, Music Jams, Community Hub

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Become Part of Our Growing Community


Apply now to become a presenter at Embodying Psychedelia, Australia's premier gathering for professionals in the realm of psychedelic embodiment. Tailored for practitioners and visionaries, this transformative event showcases Australia's leading experts in psychedelic healing. Share your insights and practices on psychedelic embodiment and trauma healing, blending scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom and somatic practices. Join us in exploring the intersections of psychedelics, the body, and healing traditions.

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Calling all artists, performers, and musicians! Step into the vibrant world of Embodying Psychedelia, Australia's leading network event in psychedelic embodiment. Your unique talents and artistry are what make this gathering come alive. Join us and showcase your creativity as we delve into the depths of psychedelic healing. Apply now to infuse your talents into this dynamic exploration


Ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Embodying Psychedelia. Join us as a health conscious food vendor or stall holder, sharing your unique offerings and knowledge with our community. Whether you're passionate about holistic products, or educational services, we welcome you to apply and become an part of this transformative event. Connect with like-minded individuals , elevate and showcase your products and services with a professional and conscious community of practioners and visionaries.

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Join us as a volunteer. We're seeking heart-led individuals to support this transformative event, where practitioners and visionaries converge. Assist in creating an nurturing experience for participants. Be part of our team and contribute to the intersection of psychedelics, the body, and healing traditions. Apply now an become part of the Embodying Psychedelia community.

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