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July 22nd to July 29th, 2018 – Byron Bay Hinterlands
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Discover The True YOU In 7 Days

RESET is a powerful 7 day process designed to help you uncoil the densities of emotions held in the body so you can experience a new level of freedom and make empowered choices in your life. RESET encompasses various modalities from around the world including SOUL LINE THERAPY ™, Psychosomatics, Neurolinguistics, Theta healing and Alignment.

We learn how to interact with the world in the first years of our lives, from our parents our education system, our culture, and our environment. When these experiences are traumatic or unpleasant, they leave an imprint on our psyche, informing our emotional state and defining how we perceive ourselves.

Over time these memories become conditioned constructs—patterns of thought and behavior that become increasingly difficult to break out of as we age. Layer upon layer this can leave us in a persistent state of contraction, contributing to dis-ease and disempowerment.

Developed by Dr Mario Alam, RESET uses a simple yet powerful framework encompassing various modalities from around the world. In 7 days, participants learn to integrate their inner and out worlds, unlocking their deepest truth and embodying previously hidden gifts.

Soul Line Therapy ™ is the core tool uutilized during the RESET program. The RESET methodology combines Breath Work, Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP), Theta Healing, Visualisation and Trigger Points to travel to the root cause of a deeply anchored emotional trauma and release it for good.

What we really need is to come back into the body and awaken our spirit. “I do believe that we all have a soul purpose and divine will that we were born onto this planet to carry out.

Dr Mario AlamWorld Doctor

During a RESET Retreat, We Journey Through Three Profound Stages

Developed by Dr Mario Alam, Soul Line Therapy ™ is the core tool utilised during the RESET program. The technique combines Breath Work, Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP), Theta Healing, Visualisation and Trigger Points to travel to the root cause of a deeply anchored emotional trauma and release it for good. Once the emotional state is integrated, you will be able to unlock it’s deepest truth and embody its previously hidden gifts.


First to ground the Vibrational body beyond the conditioning, the beliefs, and the pain body. You build a strong anchor of stability for your authentic self. Reclaiming balance in purpose, relationships, physical health, finances, sexuality, and spirituality.

  • Center the body
  • Call upon the higher self
  • Tune into your desires


With a solid foundation We step into Transforming emotional pains and trauma into the catalyst for our awakening, through a deep journey of the emotions that have surrounded us and contracted our spirit.

We travel to the root of anger and sadness. Releasing all the hurt, guilt, shame or abandonment picking up tools that will empower us for life

  • Step out of the ego
  • Activate Soul line
  • Discover your energetic ecosystem
  • Release overwhelm and stress


The Final step is to EVOLVE the deeper part of the soul, to experience more of the world without the cobwebs that have surrounded us in life. From this place we activate our sensory body and ignite our energetic blueprint.

Empowered as individuals and as a collective so that we can raise the vibration of this planet and to fulfill our soul’s purpose, what we are truly here for…

  • Harness your energetic self
  • Awaken your deepest truth
  • Step into a new paradigm of inner peace

Key Benefits of a RESET Retreat

Within the RESET Retreat, you will learn powerful tools and modalities from across the world that will transform every aspect of your life.


Increased physical stamina and thirst for life, alleviate pain and disease


Reduce anxiety and stress, find balance as you navigate through your emotions.


Heal ancestral wounds and clear out generational trauma held within the family line.


Feel safe and build increased financial security for the future.


Feel comfortable in your own individual beliefs and identity to express consciously.


Ignite your Inner peace, increase synchronicity and tap into your highest potential. Oneness.


Activate your energetic blueprint and connect with your higher mind and higher self to know who you really are.


Give yourself permission to tap into your deepest desires and what’s been holding you back from feeling greater pleasure and sexual vitality

Take The Key Skills Home To RESET Yourself & Others.

During the RESET Retreat, you will learn Dr Mario Alam's signature Soul Line Therapy™.
Upon completion of RESET as a participant, you will become a certified level 1 practitioner which allows you entry into the supportive network of the RESET tribe and also given the opportunity to continue your certified practitioner journey into level 2 and level 3. Learning the key skills to hold your own RESET Retreat.
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What Participates Are Saying About Reset

“Go on this retreat if you want to learn an incredible new tool. One that can and will transform your life. One that you can use to heal others and transform their lives. Learn how to love and forgive, understand and rest yourself. Be led by the hero that is Dr. Mario Alam and the Goddess Ajna.”

Daniel WinnMarketing Freelancer

“Absolutely 10/10. I've taken part in a lot of healing ceremonies and treatments, and this experience is right up there as one of the most transformative processes I've ever done. Utterly profound, life changing, life affirming, revelatory and humbling.”

Sam BoomerHealer, UK

“The biggest challenge i overcame in RESET was really digging deep into the past to events I have pushed further and further deeper and deeper away. Really challenged myself on so many levels.”

Chris Mobley

Meet Your Reset Facilitators

Dr Mario Alam is the founder of World Doctor. A qualified GP and holistic Practitioner, Dr. Mario marries his training in Western Medicine with years of learning from the greatest of spiritual teachers.

After years of working in some of Australia’s busiest hospitals, in remote Aboriginal communities and in Cancer centres, Mario now works with individuals at his private practice and facilitates RESET Retreats all over the globe.

Dr Mario can take an individual from a place of uncertainty to an instant of clarity, where concerns about their health and wellbeing are met with not only answers but support and guidance about how to find their way back to health.

Ajna Stephanie Thaler is passionate about embodied awakening and opening hearts. She is a qualified Rebirther, accredited Yoga teacher, certified Massage therapist, Watsu practitioner (water massage), Tantrika, Reiki master, Theta healer, Interpersonal Relating guide. She is the founder of Cacao Heart and Soulistic Yoga & Well-Being.

Originally from New York, Ajna is a lifelong student of self mastery, exploring within, and around the world. She has been practicing meditation and yoga for over a decade, having lived and traveled in more than 60 countries around the world to learn and teach ancient and new-age forms of healing through the harmony of mind body and spirit. She has integrated the fruitful experiences she has been blessed with in her sessions.

She has been facilitating groups through deep soulful connections and openings for more than 6 years and thrives in the healing that takes place on the sacred journey of the heart. She loves to hold a nurturing space in the "process" of each individual, with permission for all of the person and the personality to be wholly accepted and integrated. Breath is simply greatest tool she has found in accelerating deep processes. Simplicity and depth are found in each inhale and exhale.

What Is Included In The RESET Retreat

All Organic Meals

All organic meals and beverages supplied for the duration of the RESET Retreat.

Shared Accomadation

Lodging on the premises of RESET Retreat.

Certified Level 1 Practitioner

Certificate of Completion and you will become a certified level 1 RESET Practitioner.

Are You Ready To RESET

7 Day Reset Retreat – Byron Bay Hinterland

The RESET Retreat Itinerary

Program Arrival Night of 22nd July after 7 pm

Day 1 – GROUND. Build the framework for the container to step into. You will learn how to align the Soul Line. Finding balance in health, emotions, relationships, finances, and life.

Day 2 – 5 : TRANSFORM Anger/Sadness/Hurt/ Guilt/Abandonment/ Shame or Fear . Working in pairs to transform the 3 biggest emotions that have weaved around you. You will delve deeper in the soul line therapy process as you unlock and integrate the events of the past all the way through into your earliest cellular memories. Every participant will be giving and receiving the process. A skill you will learn for life.

Day 6 – EVOLVE. Breakthrough the cobweb, beyond programming and beyond conditions to breathe new life without the constraints of the past. Be enriched by their learnings and empowered to Reset daily with the skills to quicken your path in evolution.

Day 7 – Integration.. before we bid farewell, lets ensure you know how to walk in your new shoes. Concludes 2pm after lunch You will be taking home the process to RESET. During the retreat you will not only experience but will also facilitate the process for another

Daily Schedule

  • 8.00am – 9.00am | Embodiment
  • 9.00am – 10.00am | Breakfast
  • 10.00am – 12.30pm | Teachings/ Demonstration/ Practical Skills Training
  • 12.30pm – 2.00pm | Lunch Break
  • 2.00pm – 4.00pm | Paired Work  – Ground/ Transform/ Evolve
  • 4.00pm – 4.30pm | Tea Break
  • 4.30pm – 6.30pm | Paired Work  – Ground/ Transform/ Evolve
  • 6.30pm – 7.30pm | Closure
  • 7.30pm | Dinner

Payment Options

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Payment Plan

Payment Option

Payment option of $300 per month for 4 months after down payment is made

$590.00 (down payment)


Frequently Asked Questions

In RESET you talk about Soul Line Therapy. What is Soul Line Therapy?

Developed by Dr Mario Alam, Soul Line Therapy ™ is the core tool utilized during the RESET program. The technique combines Breath Work, Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP), Theta Healing, Visualization and Trigger Points to travel to the root cause of a deeply anchored emotional trauma and release it for good. Once the emotional state is integrated, you will be able to unlock it’s deepest truth and embody its previously hidden gifts.

Is RESET affiliated with any particular religion or spiritual doctrine?

No – RESET draws on many modalities and different cultures for their wisdom and healing practices but you are not required to change any of your beliefs.  All are welcome to practice RESET.

RESET is open to all people regardless of their religion.

What is the process of a RESET program?

Each day of the RESET program will begin a series of light movement / yoga to open the body to be prepared for the day’s activities. We then begin our morning session with a brief lecture relating to the day’s process, followed by a delicious vegetarian lunch. We continue onto the afternoon with 2 Soul Line Therapy ™ sessions where each participant gets a turns to both give and receive a Soul Line Therapy ™ session.

Are Their Payment Plans Available?

Yes we can support you by setting you up on a payment plan. Click Here


Payment Plan Option

7 Day Byron Bay Hinterland Retreat