Sarah Singing Raven

As an initiated medicine woman, Sarah has been leading transformational ceremonies and workshops internationally since 1997.  Her work is known for being full of vitality, open-heartedness and the power to transform.

Born in England, Sarah spent many years learning from indigenous medicine people in India, North and South America, undergoing the vigorous rites of passage connected to these Paths, and continues to do so. This includes Yogic practices, Vision Quest, Sundance, Dietas and other powerful healing practices from the Amazon and beyond.  Sarah also worked for 2 years with 11 Australian indigenous communities in NSW.

To further her enquiry into the true nature of deep change, she is also educated in Buddhist Psychology, is a NLP practitioner and hypnotist, and co-founded Sydney’s Northern Beaches Hypnosis Clinic.

She is committed to the awakening of humanity and the integration of our transformational work into daily life.

She has co-founded the Hummingbird Centre for Awakening in the Byron hinterland to provide the perfect natural environment for deep, transformational work of all modalities. Freshly opened in January!

She brings to her work the integrity, humour, and love essential to these traditions.


Arise and Awaken - Embodying Entheogenic Transformation

In this interactive workshop, Singing Raven details her 4 Pillars of Integration – a simple roadmap that supports individuals in the delicate process of post-session embodiment of the immense healings and insights that can be received in psychedelic therapy.

In our workshop we engage in a collaborative review of these pillars, to understand them in depth… and add whatever may be missing to support the integration tyre from really hitting the road!

This session is designed to empower psychedelic practitioners to walk away with a comprehensive method for maximum integration of their powerful work.

Bring a journal and pen.

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