“Shadow emotions” is the term some use to describe the emotions that are considered to be “negative” in today’s society. Carl Jung originally coined this term to describe the emotions that an individual is not consciously aware of and yet resides within the individual in a subconscious level.

W e all have emotions that we don’t often want to face such sadness, anger, guilt and fear. .

However, suppressed emotions get stuck in the body and are eventually expressed in a physical manifestation in the body in some form of illness,  or dis-ease.

So it is not only important for our mental health to acknowledge and allow ourselves to deal with these emotions but also, it can be dangerous for our physical health not to do so.

The intrinsic truth of emotions is that they are really just e-motions, energy in motion, and by seeing the dichotomy of good and bad, happy and sad, love and hate, just as opposite poles of one essence, we can let go of the judgement and learn to accept their emotions.  For hot and cold are opposites but they are just points on the thermometer.

Would you like to learn more about the way in which we can work through our shadow emotions, in order to be both mentally and physically healthy? Then keep reading.

The first key in order to deal with our emotions in a healthy way, is to welcome them and accept them as they come without identifying ourselves with them.

How do we do that?

By observing and acknowledging the feeling as something transcient that needs to be felt not fought.

The second key in order to deal with our emotions in a healthy way is be willing to take responsibility for them.

Very often we find ourselves blaming other people or life circumstances for our pain or discomfort.  This is called projection, and keeps one from seeing the underlying causes in their lives.  Conflict triggers unresolved issues from our past including childhood wounds and disapointments from previous relationships or jobs.  Projection keeps us from seeing the true source of our pain.  And by projecting, we are giving away the power to change and transform our lives, by placing the responsibility somewhere outside ourselves.   The moment we acknowledge we are responsible for how things affect us, we gain the power to change and transform that too.

The third key in order to deal with our emotions is to recognize the patterns that have brought us to the unhealthy triggers and behaviors, and reformulate new patterns ingrained in healthy conscious relating.  The seeds of these patterns can often be found rooted in childhood, birth, past lives or past generations.  Therefore this is a challenging step and it can be helpful to have outside facilitation or integrative tools.  It takes great diligence to work on changing them but simply by recognizing, taking responsibility and then choosing to react differently, you take charge of your life again without denying the shadow emotions.

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