Welcome to the home of World Doctor


Mario Alam M.D is the founder of World Doctor. A qualified GP and holistic practitioner, Dr. Mario marries his training in Western Medicine with years of learning from the greatest of spiritual teachers- life.

After years of working in some of Australia’s busiest hospitals, in remote Aboriginal communities and in Cancer healing, Mario has now based himself at his private practice, World Doctor in the Byron shire region of NSW, Australia. His patients, whether they know it or not, are seeking deeper meaning in their lives and are often finding that in an age of science and information  they have lost touch with their  inner knowledge.

 At World Doctor, Mario brings his knowledge, wisdom and experience to his patients via the ‘RESET Program.’ A four step process which is held over a series of seven two hour sessions, Embody is a self actualisation program which gives each individual the tools and techniques to build a solid foundation for future health.  

As part of the RESET process, Mario uses his signature process, known as Soul Line Therapy ™ to guide individuals to unlock the past. Based on techniques taught directly from spiritual leaders, tribal elders, shamans and medical pioneers, Soul Line Therapy ™ will unlock and unblock all the layers of emotional density that this life, and even past lives, have burdened each of us with, and as a result enable each individual to re-embrace their natural state of vitality and reconnection to their authentic self.

The RESET sessions can be as unique as the individual taking part but the outcome is the same for every patient – they will craft a life lived in balance and self awareness, empowered to live authentically in their truth with the freedom to explore their changing reality with ease and joy.