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You are invited to experience a pioneering trauma-healing program
"A potent program to bring you back to yourself"

If you are a Practitioner in any modality involving somatic, empathic and/or psychological healing, the RESET Program could well be the missing piece of the puzzle for you. The RESET Program gives you the keys to unlock unprecedented levels of healing for your clients.


With psychedelic medicines starting to become legalised, the RESET Program comprises profoundly impactful preparation, healing and integration components to magnify the benefits of the psychedelic medicine.


In addition, the RESET Programs profound benefits have been successfully used over the last decade as an alternative to psychedelic medicines, allowing substantial outcomes without the need for the psychedelic medicine.

What is the RESET Program?

This work is so impactful… so transformative… so healing – it has to be out there.


World Doctor is committed to making this Program widely accessible, but we can’t do it alone. We are calling on practitioners in the healing space to come together, learn this program, collaborate with each other, and be supported in its delivery. Through this comprehensive training, practitioners acquire the necessary competence and insightful understanding to positively impact individuals' lives, enabling them to break free from the chains of trauma and embrace a life of authenticity, fulfillment, and overall well-being.


If you use psychedelics to support your clients, this Program is for you.


If you would like to offer psychedelic-like outcomes, but without the actual medicines, this Program is for you.


If you love working with other healing practitioners, this Program is for you.


RESET Practitioner training is an immersion in five-days of experiential learning, self-exploration, and personal development in a retreat format. During this retreat you will experience some of the profound healing that you will subsequently be able to offer your clients. There is online preparatory work required prior to the retreat, and a four-week online program after the retreat offering interactive modules, continued growth, and integration of knowledge and essential skills. This culminates in a final assessment, following which successful participants will be able to be recognised as RESET Practitioners.


Being a RESET Practitioner offers you many opportunities, including:

  • Offering the Reset process to your clients;

  • Contribute to the future refinements of the RESET Program;

  • Get in at the ground-floor of a healing segment that is really starting to activate

  • Collaborate with other Practitioners

  • Connect in with other World Doctor offerings, such as the Embodying Psychedelica and Retreat


RESET has been developed as a holistic solution for clients, which means that Practitioners have the opportunity to offer RESET along-side other healing modalities and/or in collaboration with Practitioners of other healing modalities – all to ensure the transformative outcomes this Program is building a reputation for.

What benefits does RESET offer your clients?

  • RESET is a holistic solution, meaning that RESET clients have the opportunity to experience a variety of healing modalities in an integrated and guided manner.

  • Through better preparation and integration, RESET can substantially magnify the outcomes from a psychedelic journey, resulting in healing that is more impactful, better integrated, and lasting.

  • RESET is different from other programs because it isn’t cognitive weighted. RESET is somatic and empathic (like the psychedelic medicine itself), allowing an experience that is unique to each client, and embodied at a deep level.

Who is World Doctor?

World Doctor provides impactful, life-changing, and dynamic services and programs around the world for the preparation and integration of psychedelic medicines, trauma healing, and a holistic approach to health. We want to be the go-to resource for those seeking alternatives to psychedelics and for individuals preparing for their psychedelic experiences.  


Dr. Mario Alam is the founder and guiding light for World Doctor and the RESET Program, and is a well-respected figure in the healing community.


Sophie Saemrow

Founder of Conscious Flow Breathwork, Holistic Health Coach, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher

“Transformational and deeply insightful”

A deepened acknowledgment of how profoundly powerful it is to be journeying along our soul line. How powerful this technique is to release unwanted emotional charges, to return to a state of deep inner peace and to connect to our soul and highest self. What a powerful tool this is, to help people see a different perspective, to forgive self and others, and to come to a place of love and acceptance.  I appreciated everything what was being shared around making a clear contract with the client around how long exactly the session will go for, to make them feel 100% safe and in control.  If we feel that the client is resistant, to connect to any of the parts of the person that are resistant and to acknowledge them. Welcome that part (all parts) and make the person as a whole feel seen and heard.

Sarah Johnson

co-founded Canberra’s largest yoga studio Power Yoga Canberra and co-founder of Embody Wellbeing

“RESET program is something that will truly benefit and transform the lives of many”

This program holds a rare opportunity for those seeking healing to not only break through beyond their past thresholds of previous investigation but be held in a guided process led by embodied facilitators within a supportive retreat community.

Austin Stewart

Certified Coach, practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy®, Yoga teacher and Qigong practitioner 

An intuitive, soft and diliberate program. Assists individuals in understanding trauma and moving it through their system”

I consolidated my knowledge of time line therapy but with a beautiful spiritual resonance.I realised that when held in a safe environment, I can navigate aspects of my unconscious that are not readily available consciously. I can explore trauma without retraumaising but rather with a deep curiousity and wonder that helps reset old paradigms and the neurological system

Pamela Kirkley

Mental Health Clinician, Social Worker, Yoga Therapist and Breathwork Teacher

“Powerful, transformative, medicinal, layered, multi-dimensional”

More alive than I have been in a long time, still grounded as well. This was an incredible process and I would love the opportunity to continue to offer this as a practitioner on the retreats and solidified my practice with the method and seeing it's transformation for the lender.

Justine Janssen

Co-founded Canberra’s largest yoga studio Power Yoga Canberra and co-founder of Embody Wellbeing

“The RESET program is an opportunity to participate and experience your own inner healing” 

This program holds a rare opportunity for those seeking healing to not only break through beyond their past thresholds of previous investigation but be held in a guided process led by embodied facilitators within a supportive retreat community.

Royce Stewart

Occupational Therapist

“I loved the soul-line. The power of bringing ritual to the therapeutic space”

It was powerful and i appreciate the combination of various modalities.  I really appreciate bringing the ritualised intention to the therapeutic space, alongside the power of meditation and supporting the body to come into the theta space, to allow space for the channel of the wisdom from the heart and soul. I can see in a full RESET program, the integration of bodywork and somatic/breath practices as an important piece in supporting this process.

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