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Ground - Transform - Expand

In the ever-expanding realm of personal growth and self-discovery, we invite you to embark on one day a transformative experience like no other: 

Our One Day Reset workshop incorporates the fundamentals of the RESET program. It offers a truly unique and impactful exploration into the depths of your being, providing a transformative journey for each individual seeking personal development and inner awakening. ⁠

Through a meticulously designed 3-stage process, we aim to unlock the untapped potential within every participant, fostering a harmonious interplay between the mind, body, and spirit.


One Day Reset Program


The expedition commences with GROUND—an essential initiation into the core of your being, the body. Immerse yourself in body-based practices, such as yoga, that promote embodiment and mindfulness. In this grounded embodied state, you will receive invaluable insights, shedding light on trauma and effective ways to process emotions, ultimately fostering emotional resilience. Moreover, we will explore the potential benefits of psychedelics in supporting personal growth.


From this solid foundation, we transition to the stage of TRANSFORM—a gateway to an emotional adventure. A Breathwork journey will expand the container of your inner being, enabling you to access and navigate the emotional states with clarity and courage. Here, you will confront and process one of your primary emotions: anger, sadness, hurt, guilt, or shame. Guided by the expertise of Dr. Mario Alam, you will embark on a soul line therapy process, unveiling the intricate layers of these emotions.


As you emerge Grounded and centered in Transformation, you step into the final stage—EXPAND. Here, any remaining emotional residue will be released and transmuted through the language of full body movement and the vibrations of frequency sounds. Allowing you to rediscover the Reset version of yourself—grounded, transformed, and expanded.


  • Feel rejuvenated and free of baggage stored in your body

  • Understand the interplay between your mind, body and spirit. 

  • Understand the role of psychedelics and how they can help facilitate healing and transformation 

  • Be part of a transformative change much bigger than any individual 


Ground - Transform - Expand

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