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Amanda Patterson

Amanda Patterson is passionate about awakening human consciousness in our lived and day-to-day lives. With over 25 years of experience in personal and professional development as a therapist, coach, bodyworker and facilitator. She is the creator of the Somatic Soul Method, the Trauma Informed Practitioner program and Certification.

A dancer, artist and lover of making silly faces, Amanda brings humour and gentle compassion to deep topics and tricky places. Workshop/Presentation Embodiment, Attachment and the Nervous system

What helps you fully incarnate as a soul? If psychedelics are going to open us up to new realms, we need to have a depth of anchoring in our humanness, in the fleshly body and in our nervous system roots.

As a therapist I've seen many clients who struggle with a self image and ideas of the world that were formed in their early attachment relationships, and that continue to create their reality (even with huge insights gained from psychedelics) ... until their nervous system and the stories in their body are met and sensitively worked with.

This workshop will explore how attachment and trauma work can support the integration of wisdom gained through psychedelics. So that we are befriending the nervous system and animal body as a way to integrate and grow from the ground up. Information and experiential processes included.

Amanda Patterson
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