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Daniel Byrne

Instagram: @Cymatic_Harmony

Facebook: Hangman Dan

Based on the Mornington Peninsula, Dan from Cymatic Harmony hosts full moon ceremonies, community gatherings, private & group sound healing sessions, interstate & local retreats. From weddings to fashion shows, from busking to convention centres & music festivals, Dan has performed in a vast variety of events & locations & believes that the power & healing of sound is a transformational modality. He has also completed his sacred fire keeper ceremony in 2022 where he also facilitates fire walking. 

Dan discovered the power of sound meditation and therapy whilst in a residential rehab in 2018. The power of sound, vibrations & frequencies have been one of the biggest healing tools in working through his recovery and past life of traumas. He embodies sound healing & is extremely grateful that he now has the honour to share it with others. 

Workshop Dan facilitates his sessions based on working on the Mind, the Body & the Spirit. Through intention setting, ambient music dropping you into a meditative state, vibrations & frequencies on the body to shift stagnant energy & then connecting with the soul & your higher self. 

He does not call himself a sound healer as the healing comes from within each individual. He is the vessel & the one to hold a space where you can feel safe/loved/empowered/connected, where you can let go & surrender. 

~ Cymatic Harmony ~ Good Vibrations.

Connecting People. Connecting the Planet.

Daniel Byrne
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