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Diego Pinzon Rubiano

Diego originates from Colombia and is now deeply ingrained in the Australian psychedelic scene, Diego brings an international perspective and deep commitment to the field of psychedelics. After moving to Australia in 2008, his dedication led him to earn a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Canberra, followed by a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University in California.

Diego has navigated the psychedelic landscape through significant roles in the non-profit sector and the esteemed Psychae Institute. He contributed to Australia's groundbreaking psilocybin trial for end-of-life depression and anxiety at St. Vincent’s Melbourne and is a founding member of the Australian Psychedelic Institute.

Always eager to delve deeper into the world of psychedelic education, Diego was among the first in Australia to complete Psychedelic’s Today 12-month training program, Vital. Now, he harnesses his expertise as an instructor and coordinator for the program, guiding and inspiring the next generation of psychedelic facilitators.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Diego is a passionate practitioner of martial arts, swimming, and meditation, reflecting his holistic view of health and well-being. His keen interest in Somatic and Transpersonal approaches to psychotherapy embodies his belief in a comprehensive approach to health.


Embodying Psychedelic Values

What are the values of a psychedelic society? Values underpin how we behave and could be described as our compass in navigating life. This fact makes values an essential or core aspect of being in the psychedelic space and the world. Companies, non-profits, practitioners, and marketing in the psychedelic space have come under scrutiny due to shady and misleading practices. This talk explores the topic of values in the psychedelic space and the importance of embodying values derived from psychedelic experiences.

Diego Pinzon Rubiano
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