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Dr. Keith Motes

Dr Motes is a quantum physicist (PhD), founder of the Shaking Medicine Foundation, Yoga/Qigong/Tantra teacher, bodyworker, and more. Keith is experienced in navigating psychedelics and holding sacred space with them. Keith is also a strong proponent of the importance of cultivating these states naturally. Keith's somatic modality Shaking Medicine is well known for easily bringing us into states akin to various psychedelic states as it uses an animalistic & instinctive intelligence that is within us all.


Shaking Medicine - Therapeutic Tremoring

Shaking Medicine focuses on embodying your instinctive mechanism of therapeutic tremoring. This mechanism has evolved over millions of years as hygiene for your nervous system to optimise your health and bring you into homeostasis.

It is for people in all stages of life. It naturally unravels stress, trauma, and more, which are the root causes of many ailments. In Shaking Medicine you let go of control, surrender, and allow your body to move you and spontaneously shake you. It is more like remembering something already within you rather than learning something new. It empowers you to expand, ground, let go, trust, love and fully live life!

Shaking Medicine is a somatic body-based modality that is extremely complimentary to embodying psychedelia. Many people often report that the first time they ever tremored was during various types of plant medicine experiences. Often they don't know what the tremoring is so it may scare them and they contract instead of allowing this beautiful expression to unravel their tensions, traumas, etc. and support their medicine journey. Those who are embodied with Shaking Medicine and choose to do medicinal journeys report that they can easily and beautifully allow the shaking during their journey and that it is one of the biggest highlights for making their ceremony a profound experience. It is not necessary to imbibe plant medicines to do Shaking Medicine or to have ever imbibed them or to ever plan to imbibe them.

Shaking Medicine is typically done without any plant medicines since it is primarily about exploring our animalistic mechanism of therapeutic tremoring. With that being said, nearly all people who report on using Shaking Medicine with their plant medicine journeys say it is profoundly complimentary.

Dr. Keith Motes
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