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Eliza Kendall

Eliza Kendall, a Spirit Medium, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Quantum Technician with over 25 years of expertise, is dedicated to awakening hearts and broadening consciousness. In her role as a joyful and magical human, she collaboratively works towards the graceful evolution of all life on Earth. Revered by spirits as a "Key" for expanding human consciousness, Eliza serves as a Multi-dimensional Translator, Quantum Host, Ceremonialist and Gatekeeper. She supports your safe, sovereign and embodied evolution via Spirit Medium readings, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique sessions, Spiritual Coaching, Home and Land Clearings and Space Holder skills.

Throughout this year's retreat, Eliza will apply her expertise to nurture the psychic spaces, ensuring a secure and respectful environment throughout this transformative journey. Long before your arrival on site, she will clear and establish the perimeter, serving as a Gatekeeper for the collective field to prevent any inappropriate psychic or energetic interference, transference, or harvesting. As the retreat concludes, Eliza will meticulously clean and clear the spaces, taking full responsibility for maintaining right relations across the multiverse.

The optimal setting for opening, healing, and learning is one sustained in a high vibration and contained through the intelligence of the High Heart. This containment is co-created in right relation with Mother Earth and her kingdoms. Such an approach ensures that both participants and facilitators can uphold their psychic sovereignty, safeguard their energy, enter altered states of consciousness for master learning, and derive maximum benefits from this extraordinary gathering of medicine men and women.


Psychedelic Integration Hypnotherapy: Synthesize & Renew

Immerse yourself in a transformative journey of synthesis and renewal. Following three days of profound exploration and expansion, we invite you to tap into the profound healing potential of hypnotherapy.

In this one-hour session, our experienced hypnotherapist will gently guide you through an integration journey, facilitating the synthesis and embodiment of the insights and wisdom unearthed during your psychedelic medicine experiences. With compassionate guidance, we'll harmonize any remaining discordance and restore holistic balance to your being. Don't miss this chance to unlock your fullest potential and emerge from your psychedelic medicine retreat feeling empowered, aligned, and whole. Join us for this groundbreaking modality and embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and transformation.

Workshop/Presentation with Patricia Silverwolf

Shamanic Dance Odyssey to Inner Psychedelia 

Join us in this journey that explores the depths of your inner self and psyche, allowing the transformative power of your innate healing intelligence to guide you toward wholeness. Through the seamless integration of dance, breath, hypnosis, and sound, our Shamanic Dance Odyssey to Inner Psychedelia offers a unique and immersive experience. Embrace the fusion of ancient shamanic practices and contemporary modalities as you navigate the landscapes of your consciousness. It's a sacred journey within, where every step, every breath, and every beat becomes a portal to self-discovery and profound connection.  Embark on this odyssey and dance your way into the heart of your own inner universe.

Eliza Kendall
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