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Geash Bowler

Geash has made a life-practice of being a consciously embodied human, informed by decades of training in 5Rhythms and Open Floor, and most recently in Somatic Experiencing and Somatic Sex Education. She has hosted thousands of dance journeys in the Byron Shire has a profound intuitive insight into the invitations that unlock the body in all its expression.


Set, Setting and Somatics: tools for respecting the body’s role in therapeutic psychedelic experiences

Earlier therapeutic practitioners in the West were quick to realise the importance of ‘set and setting’ in beneficial psychedelic experiences. While much attention has been given to (mind)set, less attention has been given to the ‘set’ of the body, and the nexus of mind and body, what we now call somatics. In this applied workshop, we explore a range of tools for grounding the body, settling the nervous system and becoming more available to working with the medicine of psychedelics.

Geash Bowler
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