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Hi dear, my name is Jewelli and I’m passionate about helping adventurous souls like you to supercharge their transformation. To break through limiting beliefs and rise to your purpose in much greater ways.

Microdosing can be a safe and sacred container, for you to gain a powerfully simple shift in perspective. After all these years, I'm still in awe of the transformation that the 'Little Teachers' can catalyze - to cleanse, heal, and pave new pathways for your future. Supporting you to attain a deeper awareness and accelerate your personal growth.

Over the past 35 years, I’ve helped thousands of people cultivate rich and meaningful connections with natural earth medicines. Those I work with design personal practices to embody and carry forth real change in their lives - with family, friends, career and community.

I believe the world needs more presence, and I'm here as your loving guide to support a deeper awakening to your true self. This life is so short and precious, so let’s nurture our self-awareness to really make the most of our time here. I invite you into the sacred space of microdosing, to become a better version of you, so you can better serve the world.

Workshop Presentation

The Magic Of Microdosing - Tiny Doses : Big Changes

Wow, what a big couple of years on planet Earth! We're collectively at the threshold of a great re-evaluation, reshaping and renewal. Now is an essential time for expanding self-awareness, deepening connection and clarifying purpose. And microdosing is an excellent practice, used by many, for exactly this. Flexible, approachable, effective and safe.

A microdose is a small, sub-perceptual (unnoticeable) dose of a medicine. It’s a gentle approach that you can easily integrate into daily life. Microdosing is a tool, not a magic pill. Like any tool, you can use it skillfully or carelessly.

Join Jewelli on a magical mushroomy tour of microdosing. She'll share stories, tips and tools gleaned from decades of direct experience with these profound little teachers.

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