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Kate Amy

Kate Amy is a clinically trained psychologist and insight meditation teacher who has worked for 23 years with individuals and groups. Kate combines the work of depth psychology, Jungian dream work, Buddhist meditation, shamanic journeying, and ancestral reverence and healing. Kate facilitates experiences that enhance mindful embodiment, self-compassion, emotional integration and intuitive wisdom while encouraging active behaviour and lifestyle change.


Psychedelics, Meditation & Consciousness

Shadow work, rooted in psychology and popularized by Carl Jung, refers to the process of exploring and integrating our unconscious or repressed aspects, including fears, traumas, and unresolved emotions. It helps us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and promotes personal growth and healing.

The current thinking around psychedelic use and shadow work revolves around the idea that psychedelics, when used intentionally and in a supportive setting, can be powerful tools for exploring and working through our "shadow" aspects.

The concept of the "golden shadow" refers to the positive qualities, talents, and potentials that we unconsciously disown or deny within ourselves. These are aspects of ourselves that we may admire or idealize in others,but struggle to acknowledge or fully embrace within ourselves. It can include qualities such as creativity, intelligence, compassion, courage, or any other positive attribute that we may admire in others.

This workshop is an introduction to shadow work. It will use experiential group practices (that could be used with psychedelics in the future) to explore and integrating the golden shadow. By embracing our golden shadow, we can unlock our potential and live more authentically, fully expressing the positive aspects that we admire in others.

Kate Amy
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