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Kirt Mallie

Kirt Mallie is a yoga and meditation teacher, spiritual counsellor, Wayapa Wuurrk and breathwork facilitator. Kirt also facilitates men’s circles, sacred ceremonies

and yoga teacher trainings.

Workshop/Presentation 1

Wayapa Wuurrk - Connect to the Earth

Wayapa® is an earth connection practice that is based on ancient Indigenous wisdom that focuses on taking care of the Earth as the starting point for creating Earth Mind Body Spirit well-being.

Wayapa® means to Connect in the language of the Peak Whuurrung People of South West Victoria.

The Practice of Wayapa® combines earth mindfulness and narrative meditation and movement in a series of 14 elements to teach participants the importance of connecting into the earth and nature for holistic wellness.

Wayapa® will provide an opportunity to be immersed in ancient wellbeing ways of knowing, being and doing.

Workshop/Presentation 2 (Kirt Mallie and Mei Lai Swan)

Creating Cultures of Connection, Reverence and Reciprocity

At the root of our mental health crisis is a crisis of disconnection - from nature, from each other, and from the sacred. Psychedelic medicines are being put forward as a great promise for the mental health crisis. But this golden egg of personal wellbeing will only thrive within a culture of connection.

So here is our opportunity: to create cultures of connection, reverence and reciprocity, with and through the gift of these sacred medicines that open us to deep connection, awe and healing.

This means both examining our current culture and roots of disconnection, as well as learning more connected ways of knowing, being and doing from ancient and living traditions grounded in relatedness, reciprocity and the sacred. It means honouring, centring and collaborating with Indigenous peoples who carry traditions with sacred medicines. And placing principles of right relationship at the fore as we create new cultures with the gifts offered by sacred medicines and their traditions.

This workshop is a guided interactive exploration and collaboration. Come with curiosity, a willingness to be uncomfortable and transformed, and expect generative messiness as we question, learn, unlearn and create together.

Kirt Mallie
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