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Kyle Lazich

Kyle Laz AKA The Chocolate Wizard is a Herbalist, Sound Healer & Breathwork Facilitator

For the past 15 years Kyle has been deeply researching and exploring the holistic application of Plant Medicines and integrative practices using herbal medicines, sound healing and breathwork.

As a Chocolate Wizard Kyle is a devoted seeker of the wisdom of chocolate and sharing it’s benefits to our culture as a plant alley and sacrament.


Chocolate Dreaming - Cacao as a Modern Day Sacrament

Chocolate Dreaming is an embodiment process that unlocks the magik of cacao by combining science & spirit. The Wisdom, Practice and Integration

An in depth embodied & etheric approach to the potent medicine of chocolate. Opening the doorway to a depth of connection you have yet to experience with this plant allie…allowing the channels of communication with other plant allies to open simultaneously.

“As a plant spirit, cacao has spread its seed to every corner of the globe and sprouted in everyone's heart, and is more powerful than most realise”

Join The Chocolate Wizard for a Cacao Odyssey into the integrative and innovative applications of Theobroma cacao (The Food of the Gods)

You will be given tangible practice to deeply connect with the spirit of cacao while embodying the Elements

Kyle Lazich
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