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Layla Martin

Layla Martin is the founder of the VITA Method, a Tantric Approach to sex, love and relationships.

She is the host of the hit podcast, "This Tantric Life." Cosmopolitan magazine calls her "The Headmistress of Pleasure," while Women's Health magazine calls her "The Sexpert Extraordinare." She once even got a Fox News anchor to say "yoni massage" on air.

She has practiced Tantra for over 20-years, studied Human Biology at Stanford University, and still has a hard time not spilling things all over herself when she eats.


Sex & Psychedelics - Entheogens as Tantric Catalysts

Dive into the extraordinary possibilities of combining sex and psychedelics. Learn how to safely amplify your sexual experiences with the cosmic power that comes from the discerning and intentional use of entheogens as catalysts for erotic spiritual communion.

Sexual psychonauts Dr Baback Amen and Layla Martin will share how to create rituals to responsibly hold the wild ecstasies and deep healing that can occur when our default barriers and emotional armour are stripped away, and we meet our beloved with hearts and souls that are as naked as our bodies.

In this fun, humorous and experiential two hour workshop, your guides will walk you through the arts of sexual healing, energy activation, and erotic expansion. Practical and powerful methods of consciously creating safety and intimacy with one’s lovers are clearly explained.

We will explore the different psychedelics that can be used to deepen and expand connection during lovemaking, and the benefits and drawbacks of each. We will then guide you through a process whereby you’ll be able to create your own ritual through breathwork, with the intention of reimprinting the depth to which you can meet and experience yourself and your beloved the next time you work with psychedelics. Workshop tailored to all genders and orientations. Singles welcome. No nudity. Touch optional.

Layla Martin
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