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Lulu & Mishka

Lulu & Mischka are musicians and inner peace facilitators that draw upon the ancient earth wisdoms from far East to the high Andes. Exquisite voices, beautiful melodies and acoustic instrumentation guide listeners to join in sound and silence through the power of chanting heart songs, medicine prayers and Mantras in a soulful and authentic way. Their offerings see them travel the globe for concerts, workshops and retreats as well as receiving inspirations and teachings. Based in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, this couple offers the chance to be part of their radiant journey into the transformational practice of song, voice, inner joy, embodiment and presence.


Heart Wide Open

Welcome to "Hearts Wide Open" – a transformative workshop where the pure and crystal-clear vocals will awaken and inspire you to share your voice and join in the prayer into the heart of all.

In this sacred space, prepare to be taken on a journey of ecstasy, meditation, and blissful connection. Through the power of music and intention, we invite you to open your heart wide and let the harmonies resonate deep within your soul.

Throughout our time together, we'll explore the profound depths of our hearts, allowing the music to guide us into a state of pure presence and connection. As we immerse ourselves in the melodies and rhythms, we'll surrender to the flow of the moment, transcending the boundaries of the ordinary and stepping into the extraordinary.

Whether you're seeking solace, inspiration, or simply a space to connect with your innermost self, "Hearts Wide Open" offers a sanctuary for all. So, join us as we harmonize our voices and unite in the universal prayer of love and compassion.

Let the music carry you, let your heart lead the way, and together, let's embark on this journey with hearts wide open.

Lulu & Mishka
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