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Mele is a mother, artist and healer who walks the Earth this lifetime guided by the natural world, deeply honouring her Celtic-Pagan ancestral lineage and her soul's evolutionary path. 

She has close to 20 years of experience within the realms of Natural Medicine, Transpersonal Art Therapy, Women's Mysteries, and Shamanic Practices. Mele harnesses the magic of the Natural Healing Arts to facilitate personal empowerment, connection, and remembrance of our innate wisdom and true nature. 

Having participated in a diverse range of plant medicine ceremonies and dietas over 12 years, both in Australia and South America, Mele's medicine path and journey guided her into the natural healing paradigm encoded in the spiritual technology of the Shamanic Drum and ways in which it has, is and can be used as an integrative visionary-eco-somatic tool, both personally and professionally


Currently, Mele lives in Byron Hinterlands with her young daughter dividing her time between motherhood, her shamanic custom creations, and holding safe empowering drum crafting ceremonies and song circles for all people that are called to the magic and medicine of these ancient ways. 


The Rhythmic Web - The Shamanic Drum as an Integrative Tool

Did you know that the Drum is one of the oldest known sacred ritual instruments and was considered the musical and psychic center of many pre-religious ceremonies?

Did you know that women were the primary carriers of this instrument and played it to evoke the archetypal patterns of death and rebirth in ceremonies, to signal the release of outmoded behavioural patterns and mark the transition to a new status in life?

Did you know that the vibrational tone of the Drum mimics the sound of our mothers blood whilst we are forming in utero? Have you been feeling the call of the Drum in your blood and bones or are you curious to learn more? Because this deeply nourishing, clearing and grounding workshop is a powerful visionary-eco-somatic ceremonial portal to anchor into the natural vibrational frequency of the Earth, our hearts and the invisible forces within and all around us. 

I will share all that I have learnt from this sacred tool and the simple, yet profound ways in which it can support you in many areas of your life to embody psychedelia.

Together we will embark on a guided shamanic drum journey to establish a deeper connection with our benevolent ancestors. And share some sacred medicine songs from around the world to tap into The Rhythmic Web an enhance our embodied integration of our personal and collective remembering and reclamation. 

This heart-led experience will leave you feeling grounded, light, connected, open, aligned, whole and holy. No experience or instruments necessary. 

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