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Omora Sonqo

Introducing Omora Sonqo, a revered Medicine Man hailing from the heart of South America, embodying a profound connection to a lineage of healers that spans generations within his family.

With a wealth of experience exceeding 15 years, Omora has delved into the intricate tapestry of indigenous traditions prevalent in North, Central, and South America. His journey has been a testament to the preservation and embodiment of ancestral wisdom.

Omora Sonqo actively engages in transformative ceremonies that echo the essence of his cultural roots. The enchanting Temazcal, Vision Quest, and Sundance are just a few among the myriad of ceremonies he has participated in across the captivating landscapes of these regions.

His pilgrimage led him to forge profound connections with the Andean mountain communities and the lush jungles of Brazil. It is within these sacred spaces that Omora received initiations and blessings, becoming a custodian of the profound knowledge and timeless wisdom bestowed upon him by these ancient traditions. His dedication to the healing arts and commitment to preserving indigenous wisdom make Omora Sonqo a beacon of love and harmony in the rich tapestry of South American spirituality. Workshop/Presentation

Dance of the Condor and Eagle

Get ready for an extraordinary convergence of ancient energies as Omora Sonqo joins forces with the revered Running Fox Blessings and the enchanting Mivon, weaving a tapestry of medicine music, heart connection, and sacred songs. This collaboration promises a transcendent celebration that transcends the ordinary, inviting you to immerse yourself in the mystical vibrations of our indigenous family of healers.

In this not-to-be-missed gathering, Omora, Running Fox Blessings, and Mivon will unite their profound talents, creating an immersive experience that resonates with the heartbeat of tribal traditions. Together, they will channel the spirit of the ancients through enchanting melodies and sacred rhythms, transporting you to a realm where the essence of shamanic wisdom and tribal magic intertwine.

Prepare to be captivated by the synergy of these extraordinary healers as they share their gifts, invoking the power of ancient traditions through the language of music. This celebration is a unique opportunity to witness the harmonious blend of diverse energies, creating a space for profound connection and the unearthing of the sacred within. Brace yourself for a journey into the mystical realms, where the vibrations of medicine music and the heartwarming resonance of indigenous songs converge in a celebration that transcends time and space.

Omora Sonqo
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