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Patricia Silverwolf

Patricia Silverwolf brings a fresh edge to ecstatic awakening, guiding you with her experiential gifts. As aCeremonialist, Kundalini dance priestess, Munay-ki teacher, Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, WombAwakener, and a former Mental Health Nurse, she shares the magic of bridging heaven and earthauthentically thus encouraging you to channel your souls truth. As an agent of transformation she opens a transcendental portal for you to journey through your inner mysteries and clear knowing, assisting you in reawakening, expressing and transmuting patterns of being. This Journey can be for anyone curious to explore, open to change or willing to immerse themself on a path of transformation. Pure alchemy.

Patricia loves to support others to initiate their own personal healer. If one is willing they will be guidedwith the tools of deep ethno, tribal and trance beats, sacred breath techniques, heartful sound infusions andPatricias strong and soothing voice. Honourable invocations of ancestry illumines the path of realisationand rising in conciousness. Senses may be heightened as one can access altered states of being naturallythrough the techniques that Patricia openly shares.

Patricia, shares an understanding that there is no great separation between the darkness and light. Union is discovered and explored as one adventures through the Chakras with intentional dance, breatwhork and sound. This wolf woman shares medicinal ceremony that supports you in deepening connections to Mother Earth, and the Star Nation. She will inspire connecting with your Guides, power animals and spiritcarers therefore empowering the journey further. All journeys she holds is a celebratory experience to realign your life and your sacred purpose. Designed to assist you in rising your Kundalini; the serpent energy that lays dormant, once arisen will burst through your paradigm and a new world will flow.

Workshop/Presentation with Eliza Kendall Shamanic Dance Odyssey to Inner Psychedelia 

Join us in this journey that explores the depths of your inner self and psyche, allowing the transformative power of your innate healing intelligence to guide you toward wholeness. Through the seamless integration of dance, breath, hypnosis, and sound, our Shamanic Dance Odyssey to Inner Psychedelia offers a unique and immersive experience. Embrace the fusion of ancient shamanic practices and contemporary modalities as you navigate the landscapes of your consciousness. It's a sacred journey within, where every step, every breath, and every beat becomes a portal to self-discovery and profound connection.  Embark on this odyssey and dance your way into the heart of your own inner universe.

Patricia Silverwolf
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