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Paul Benhaim

Paul Benhaim is versed in over three decades of active involvement with cannabis as alternatives to conventional commercial products. His pioneering work in the hemp industry, including ventures with Hemp Foods Australia, development of hemp plastic alternatives, and co-founding of one of the world's leading CBD oil manufacturers, underscores his expertise. Transitioning from his global business endeavors, Benhaim now focuses on exploring cannabis psychedelics, contributing to scholarly discourse through writing and community engagement from his base in Mullumbimby.


Exploring Cannabis as a Psychedelic:

In this inquiry, Paul Benhaim provides a comprehensive exploration of cannabis as a psychedelic substance, drawing from empirical data and personal experiences. Through an analysis of the impact of plant medicines, particularly cannabis, on his life, Benhaim sheds light on the intersection of personal exploration, business challenges, and the psychedelic realm.

His extensive experience, spanning over three decades of engagement with alternative cannabis -based products, including pioneering efforts in hemp-related ventures, informs this discourse. Following a successful career in the global business sphere, Benhaim now dedicates his time to further understanding cannabis psychedelics, authoring books, and sharing his insights with the community from his residence in Mullumbimby.

Paul Benhaim
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