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Pratima Mumford

Pratima Mumford is a long time astrologer who utilizes astrology as a medium to discuss what’s really going on in the world without being censored. For several years she has given presentations to large audiences at the Woodford Folk Festival and at local events.

She has given spiritual “Satsang” talks worldwide for many years, following the request of her beloved Guru Papaji to share his message. His teachings follow in the tradition of the renowned Indian saint Ramana Maharishi and Advaita Vedanta teachings. Pratima was very fortunate to stay with the enlightened Master Papaji during the last 7 years of his life.

With 58 journeys to India and travels to 44 countries in South, Central & North America, S.E. Asia, Europe , the Middle East and Africa she sought spiritual awakening wherever she went and was blessed to meet some remarkable teachers and guides.

She holds the position of one of the two Australian Emissaries of Nassim Haramein, the mystic physicist who she believes will soon revolutionise quantum physics and make available free energy devices. Nassim also loves alternative history and she has spent time with him researching in the pyramids of Egypt, Mexico and Bosnia. Pratima has also co-authored with her partner Narada, a book on the astonishing pyramid of Central Java that Graham Hancock has recently made famous.

Pratima also made a significant contribution to the handicraft industry of beadwork in Bali, where she lived for 29 years, by teaching hundreds of women all the varieties of beadwork stiches she had learnt while travelling the world.

Although she no longer resides in Bali her large group of talented women continue beading for fashion designers largely from Italy and Spain. Some of their larger works of art hang in hotels all around Asia including a piece in the Shangri La in Dubai that is 5 stories high and 12 meters wide!

Overall, Pratima's life journey encompasses a rich blend of varied experiences, spiritual and cultural encounters. She is very happy to now live on 7 acres near Mullumbimby, growing organic food and looking after 34 loved and largely named mature chickens and at present 31 baby chooks! She regards the area as the main spiritual and alternative hub of the world’s counter culture.


2 Talks: " Astrological Predictions for 2024 - What's Really Going on?" & "

Simple Steps for spiritual Awakening".

For several years Pratima has been the astrologer at the Woodford Folk Festival where she uses her medium of astrology to share the truth of what is really going on in the world, so far without being censored! Pratima predicted the huge shift that occurred with Covid and the potential for war on the 7th October 2023. Pratima has done hundreds of personal readings including those of David Bowie.These days she is fascinated with predictive Astrology to gain insight into what's next!

Pratima Mumford
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