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Runningfox & Eagledancer

Bobby’s mission statement is to empower you to heal yourself by reminding you of your magnificence. Bobby comes from a long line of Native American healers. His grandmother was the Medicine Woman of the village and his uncle was a powerful shaman, who taught him healing abilities.

Bobby blends healing with native traditions. Being Native, the essence of what Bobby does is always infused with his culture. He believes that everybody is a healer and strives to empower you to find your awakening.

Bobby is an extraordinary, gifted healer of Cherokee descent. Healing is what he does, it is inherent in his nature and well-being.

Bobby’s uncle Sixto and his maternal grandmother, also had the gift of healing, and shared their wisdom with Bobby when he was a young man. At age 7, the name 'Runningfox' was given to him by his grandmother who saw a vision of herself as a little girl alone, feeling lost and afraid in a dark forest. Then a fox appeared, and looked straight into her eyes urging her to follow him. He ran fast and she said, "slow down running fox". He led her to her family. His grandmother saw that Bobby would lead many to safety in his lifetime.

Bobby has his 3rd eye fully open and active which allows him to literally “see” into a person’s body. “The body talks to me. As a child, I first started working on animals, then at age 20, I had a near-death experience in the Navy, which propelled me to start working on people. I see where trauma first occurred and who is/was responsible. Every person’s body contains a history within their cells. It’s fascinating. And the beautiful part is that our bodies are SELF-HEALING MACHINES when we can allow ourselves to SURRENDER and RECEIVE."

He teaches you to become your own source of healing, your own guru. Focusing on, “if you got yourself sick/injured, then you have the same ability to get yourself better”. Belief, intention and the will to act/change is the recipe. Well that’s just a taste…


Since he was 8 years old, he has been training as a Native American Medicine Man, learning side by side from his father and many other teachers across the globe. The responsibility to the role and to himself, is to gain as much knowledge and compassion towards as many perspectives, cultures, tribes & traditions of what they perceive is their truth and best form of medicine.

His practice is simply to be a student of learning and expand upon the knowledge and experiences that he has obtained, so I can be a true teacher when the time is right. He has seen many healers, shamans and gurus, who talk the ‘jab’ and not speak with full authenticity... His intention always, to ‘walk the truth’, ‘walk the talk’, to be as authentic as possible. He wants every fiber of his being to be an asset to create more harmony with mankind, all living things and MotherEarth

Being a Native American Medicine Man is not something that is always brought down to the next generation, it is something that is either to be earned and out of ‘want or need’… And he truly wants to be the best version that he can be as a Medicine Man knowing all perspectives, knowledge and medicines from all cultures around the world. So he can better understand and facilitate all individuals that are either interested with what he has to say or with what he represents.

"For right now, I am more than happy being the student, soaking all up the knowledge & experiences like a sponge. So I can ensure when it is the appropriate time….. I’ll be ready with full fluency and transparency to be the teacher my soul was born to be."


1 - Native American Sweat Lodge Experience

Our Sweat lodges are based within the Cherokee philosophy from our bloodline, which is based on the feminine leadership. As a society we wanted to connect deeper with Mother Earth and we understood that females had the advantage, so we gave the baton towards the feminine ideology to create more responsive harmony and critical thinking to lead actions compared to our neighbouring tribes. War and possession wasn’t our priority, becoming one with MotherEarth was.

Our ceremonies prior to the Sweat Lodge, create a preparation for a ripple effect to ensure that the space, safety, warmth and time come together. It fosters a vulnerable experience. Vulnerability is met when an individual feels secure within themself and with those around them. Through our processes in the ceremonies this creates a sense of trust to be vulnerable in order to let go efficiently and safely.

“Our duty and responsibility is to share the wisdom of our culture with authenticity and vulnerability within a space of love and wisdom that has been passed down for centuries. Bobby & EagleDancer together with Beverley and our amazing tribe of helpers and musicians, will create a space for you to embody your body-mind-spirit with unity and harmony. To kickstart your new chapter of 2024 with the power of MotherEarth.”


  • Teachings in Tipi: Native American philosophy, Story time, Meditation, Peace Pipe and techniques for the Sweat Lodge to become one with the heat and how to let go of the fear of closed-in or dark spaces.

  • Pow Wow Drumming & Chanting: Preparation of the cells within your body to release the density to be shaken off with the intent to bring forth a new you. Teaching the ways of the throat, how to sing to activate your pineal gland, how to pow wow drum and learn the rhymes of ancient chants.

  • Fire Ceremony: Writing your intention and releasing into the fire pit, for you to connect with the element of fire and shift towards a heart space from a mental state of mind. First step of trusting your body and intentions.

  • Sweat Lodge: Foundation sweats are in four rounds, (Intention, Anger, Sadness, Gratitude). A story time of your healing journey, the rise and fall. Within the space you will be encouraged to share vocally. Every tribe has a different way of releasing or holding. Within this space we aim for courage, truth and heart.

  • Celebrations: After your Sweat Lodge experience, you will share your body with the mud and grass of MotherEarth and the Spirit of Water to bring the body into a state of balance.

What to prepare for:

  • Bring water bottles/jugs (2L or more)

  • Bring swimwear, sarong, loose-clothing and more than 1 towel

  • Bring 'comfy' floor cushion

  • Bring a change of clothes

  • And an open-free mind

Our promise:

Our experiences are really like no sweat lodge ever, with so much preparation internally & externally, propels you to have a stronger experience within our lodge. With several ceremonies and wisdom shared prior, creates a domino effect of warmth and comfortability. So when you enter the womb of MotherEarth, you are more able to be vulnerable within yourself for deep healing. We aim for you to become more integral to your true source. Less walls and less defenses. MotherEarth will take care of the rest...

  • Caution, this is verbal-release sweat with high-heated temperatures.

  • Any current or previous serious injury, heart conditions or illness that may be affected by high temperatures, seek more information 0466402531

Workshop/Presentation 2 - Native American Animal Totem Evening

A journey through the Native American wisdom on Saturday night, as we help you discover or deepen your connection to your totem through the beat of MotherEarth, story-time, meditation, song and discussion.

Within our culture, and many indigenous nations, natives were given a name that was associated with their totem of either an animal or natural element of this world, to share the connection between human to spirit. To help guide them within this lifetime and create communion & respect with animals and humanity.

Bobby Runningfox (Native American Medicine Man), and his son Mivon/EagleDancer (apprentice), will share the knowledge and song of their culture, to help connect you better with your best friend and spirit. A night you won't forget, a night that will only strengthen your being...

Bring water, matt, cushion, blanket and an open mind

Runningfox & Eagledancer
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