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Sharon Bolt

Sharon is an invaluable resource for people to connect to their Soul’s true calling and run successful heart-led businesses. As a spiritual business and creativity mentor, she assists others with weaving powerful ancient wisdom into their offerings. Sharon trains workshop leaders, facilitators, therapists and healers in the art of Sacred Space Holding and Shamanic Ceremonies.

Sharon is a skilled Shamanic Magician, Ceremonialist and Educator with over 25 years experience. Sharon co-founded Shamanic Energy Training® over a decade ago – an immersive, multifaceted academy that offers a unique 3 year accredited Shamanic Magician program. A prolific content creator, Sharon also runs The Temple of Shamanic Magick® which offers powerful new teachings.

Sharon shows people how to ignite the magic that runs in their blood in an integral, authentic and grounded manner. Graduates have enjoyed amazing personal transformations and have been able to catapult their businesses to new heights.

Workshop/Presentation with Tara Fisher

Embodying your Soul & The Plant Spirits

This workshop will cover Soul journeys and share examples of how psychoactive have impacted different souls. The levels of the Soul as well as what the Soul needs for healing will be discussed. We will then look at contracts between the Soul and Plant spirits and experience the power of Soul Constellations - a potent modality created by Sharon Bolt to explore the relationship between our Soul and plants in an embodied manner.

Sharon Bolt
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