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Tara Fisher

Tara Fischer has been in the holistic healing field for 25 years having come from her own history of trauma she embodies the work she teaches. She is a Multidisciplinary trauma -informed therapist with a wide range of tools in her kit ranging from kundalini dance, family and nature constellations, emotional clearing/counselling, DAre Practitioner(Dynamic Attachment repatterrning experience), shamanic practitioner and the ceremonial arts. She has a deep passion assisting people to build their inner and outer resources so they can move towards a life that is enriching and joyful. Living a Soul filled embodied life. 

Workshop /Presentation with Sharon Bolt

Embodying your Soul & The Plant Spirits

This workshop will cover Soul journeys and share examples of how psychoactive have impacted different souls. The levels of the Soul as well as what the Soul needs for healing will be discussed. We will then look at contracts between the Soul and Plant spirits and experience the power of Soul Constellations - a potent modality created by Sharon Bolt to explore the relationship between our Soul and plants in an embodied manner.

Tara Fisher
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