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Trevor Wills

Trevor Wills has a background in Body-Mind Trauma Release, Oriental Energetics & Psychotherapy, Trevor is a deeply sensitive facilitator in BioEnergetic Awareness, Meditation, Repatterning, Presence, Healing & Ecstatic states.

He is deeply committed to the cultivation of cosmovisions that bring us back to an ecological sense of self. Subjects that inform him foundationally are Animism, Deep Time, Indigeneity, Psychadelia, Somatic History and the eco-psycho-somatic ramifications of Techno-Capitalism


Changing the (self as) world, with evolutionary intelligence

Life itself is inherently already a psychedelic experience. Neuroplasticity is always possible.

The question is: What "consensus reality hallucinations" are we complicit in, which prevent us from experiencing this...?

Almost everyone would like to change the destructive politics of this accelerating techno-industrialised world.

But very few of us seem to truly want to change those exact same politics patterned and strictured into our body-minds.

This workshop is about tracking how the economic system which largely dictates the experience of our reality is religiously policed, militarised and industrialised within our very biologies. Reclaiming our ecological, therefore psychadelic sense of self as a field of relation is now literally vital for humanity.

We will surrender desensitised and entrenched assumptions armoured into our biology, and endeavour to become a vitalised immune response to a beautiful planet buckling under the weight of humanity's dissociative ideologies.

Trevor Wills
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