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Troy Haines

Troy is the Chief Consciousness Hacker @ iAMconnected and Chair of Transformative Technologies Australasia

Drawing on 20 years experience in personal development, meditation and a decade of experience as an ecosystem builder, mentor and leader in the Australian startup scene. Troy is the Chair of Transformative Technologies AU, which is part of a global movement at the forefront of the wellness tech revolution that is supporting entrepreneurs and innovators to build technologies that elevate human consciousness.

Troy recently founded iAMconnected, a consciousness hacking platform which integrates objective data from wearable technologies along with subjective data inputs to support users to truly understand themselves. Who are you really?.


The Convergence Point - Psychedelics, Technology and Consciousness

Dating back to when we were primates and first used a stick to reach fruit on a branch, we’ve progressively used tools in more sophisticated ways to extend our abilities. That’s no different to today as we explore tools and technologies to realise ever increasing capabilities and potential. We are fast approaching a convergence point where exponential technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Neurotech, BioTech, Virtual & Augmented Reality (among others) will blur the lines between artificial and the real, and between the virtual and the real.

When we consider the subsequent psychedelic renaissance that is unfolding, we are set to expand our awareness of who and what we are (individually and collectively) in ways that we can’t even imagine from this current point in time.

Join us for an exploration into the intersection of psychedelics, technology and consciousness.

Troy Haines
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