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Amanda Patterson

Amanda is passionate about awakening human consciousness in our lived and day-to-day lives. Havingbeen a highly sensitive person growing up, she gravitated to meditation, nature connection and energy-based healing practices. But with a traumatic event in her late 20s she was pulled deeply into learningabout trauma, the nervous system, attachment and what "safety" actually is in the world. She experiencedthat grounding here on the earth and in the body (rather than transcending purely into spirit and light) is adeep and rich path of spirituality. 

Amanda is a student of the Diamond Approach to awakening (the work of A. H. Almass) and has attendednumerous satsangs/meetings with the teachers Ganagji and Eli and Jared Franks. 

Now, with over 25 years of experience in personal and professional development as a therapist, coach,bodyworker and facilitator she brings a rich understanding of the body and brain survival- systems, humanego structure (and how that can limit the soul's expression) and a deep trust in the Wisdom that runs underand within it all. 

Amanda has a Bachelor of Social Science, is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), SomaticAttachment Focussed Expressive-arts therapist (SAFE-T), Attunement therapist and Essence Coach andFacilitator.


Amanda is the creator and facilitator of the Trauma Informed Practitioner program (teaching practitionershow to work with the nervous system and create trauma-aware processes), the Somatic TherapyCertification and runs short 1 day and half day training to support people to connect deeper with theiranimal/instinctual wisdom. Healing the link between soul, trauma and the body.

Workshop Thursday

"The Ego and Awakening process" - What is the ego and how can understanding its structure and functionassist the awakening process? With or without psychedelics? 

Workshop Friday

"Healing the link between the soul, trauma and the body"

Amanda Patterson
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