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Dr Geoff Berry

Dr Geoff Berry is the Australian Representative to the International Ecopsychology Society. Geoff isAcademic Director for Metavision’s Masters in Holistic Psychotherapy, where he also delivers theAdvanced Certificate in Ecotherapy.

Geoff is editor of PAN: Philosophy Activism Nature and lectures in ecopsychotherapy for the IkonInstitute. Geoff was awarded his PhD (Monash University 2010) for a thesis that explored the humanrelationship with nature, as told through light as a vehicle of consciousness. He also completed an MA(Deakin University 2005) about how our dreams link us to powerful mythic patterns and symbols. Geoff served as Chairperson of the Melbourne Zen Group (2005-2008) and more recently as the inaugural CEO of the South Coast NSW Aboriginal Elders group (2019-2020).

He regularly presents and publishes on ecotherapy, myth, animism, dreams and symbology at his Nature Calling YouTube channel.


Ecotherapy Experience: Deep Listening to the Animist World

Be guided on a 1.5hr journey along a nearby nature trail at Gymea, utilising the Eco-walk Extension of theMain Rainforest Walk. Through deep listening, with the whole body/mind and heart/soul, we awaken to the song of the earth and the spirit of place. Geoff leads a journey into connection and kinship with thesounds, feelings, scents and subtle sense of aliveness in this place. Through attuning our whole selves to nature, we rediscover the aliveness of the world and deepen our ability to live as our deeper, animist self. 

Dr Geoff Berry
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