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Dr Mario Alam

Mario is the founder of World Doctor. A qualified GP and holistic practitioner. He is on the advisory boardfor Mind Medicine Australia for the legalization of psychedelic medicines. He travelled the world as amystic integrating modern and ancient wisdom. This gave birth to his trauma healing program RESET thatcombines his unique signature method (Ground, Transform, Expand) with a strategic sequence of healingmodalities that are offered for a maximum impact during a RESET program.


RESET EssentialsWe all carry parts of our human experience that involve trauma, and these trigger and disconnect us fromself and from others.

These incompletely integrated parts lead to contraction and ultimately contribute to the potentialexpression of disease in the body.

Some seek to find answers from psychologists and health professionals, others from body workers, whilstothers from energy healers and shamans.

A true integration is when we can process an emotion through the mind/body connection to awaken thesomatic nature of our soul. The space beyond the physical. Like the sages that have walked the earth,reminding us of the field energy that surrounds us, where our spirit connects to our higher self, to othersand to the world that surrounds us.

Bringing together over 20 years of wisdom from working in the medical profession, travels and attendanceat hundreds of workshops, retreats and teachings, sitting with elders and thought leaders.

Dr Mario takes you through a unique journey of a primary emotion to witness and heal the pattern ofsomatically imprinted contraction or trauma. The session integrates the physical, the mental and theenergetic to not only ignite the inherent soul, but also provide an understanding and embodiment of thejourney through which we are all awakening to be empathically connected beings.

From this space we have a lived experience and reminder of who we are, and the compassion awakens forourself and each other and the human experience.

Dr Mario’s unique soul line process integrates energetic alignment, embodiment, regression therapy,psychosomatics, constellation therapy, shadow work, theta healing, breathwork and transpersonal therapywith the natural elements of the inner shaman.

This process is part of the Reset program that Dr Mario has formulated. The program provides afoundation for integrating psychedelic wisdom and the healing of trauma. It forms the skeleton with whichother processes like breathwork, detoxification, yoga, dance, accupuncture and other embodied wisdomscan be safely integrated to provide a holistic and safe approach to the awakening of the soul.

Dr Mario Alam
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