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Lila Lieberman

Lila has been working with medicinal plants and indigenous ways of healing since 1996. Beginning her journey in the Atacama Desert of Peru, she later initiated as 'sangoma', a traditional healer and seer in the Shona tradition of South Africa in 2012. She has spent many years engaging cultural wisdom and plants in a medicinal capacity, both academically and culturally.

Her focus is on the living library held within the plant and human kingdoms, and how their collaboration activates pathways within us, and hold profound capacities for new perception and creative feedback. She explores the spectrum of cultural ways, rites, passages and ceremonies that open these channels of learning.Her academic background is in Anthropology, Linguistics, Philosophy and Transpersonal Psychology, with a Diploma in Integral Coaching.  

Her current work is a systemic body of knowledge she received directly through the plant kingdom and dreams after completing her initiation. It describes the universal allocations of medicine in all natural bodies and the “Five Pillars of Medicine” that follow specific timeless principles of evolution. Her talks and workshops facilitate the practical application of this wisdom. She currently runs several workshops on ancestral connection, plant medicine, plant communication, and “The Five Pillars of Medicine”. 


“The Cedar Teachings ~ Mapping the Tree of our Being"

 All of the cosmos is beholden to the same patterns, the same lore of creation. Just as plants unfurl in a sacred order, one phase of evolution giving rise to the next, so is true of our human unfolding. We see our true nature reflected in the kingdoms around us. They guide, nurture and inspire us if we allow.

This presentation explores this cosmic mirror as we map the Tree of our Being. The Cedar Teachings were gifted by a Cedar tree, notated by a human, and are now passed on to you. They show how these timeless natural principles move through all kingdoms of being, and how, when we follow these principles consciously, we can rest into the slipstream of natural movement and navigate our path in a more and more graceful way.

Lila Lieberman
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