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Omora Sonqo

Omora is a Medicine man from South America. He comes from a long lineage of healers in his family, Hehas been working for more than 15 years with the indigenous traditions of North, Central & South America.

He has participated in different ceremonies including Temazcal, Vision Quest and Sundance in North,Central and South America.He connects with the communities of the Andean mountains and the amazonian jungles of Brazil,receiving initiations and blessings to carry this knowledge and wisdom.

Over the last 15 years, Omora has dedicated his life to traveling around the world visiting sacred sites,guiding power walks and ceremonies in different countries like Chile, Peru, Mexico, Brasil, Indonesia,Thailand and Australia.

Omora currently shares one on one sessions, Medicine songs circles, traditional Sweatlodges and retreatsin Australia.


Medicine Song CircleJoin Omora as he takes you on a journey of medicine songs sung during ceremonies. 

Omora Sonqo
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