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Patrick Sterlin

Combines the healing arts of Shiatsu (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Thai Massage and Osteopathictechniques.On a physical level, it works on releasing tight muscles and fascia, encouraging proper alignment. On anenergetic level, it uses pressure points to restore an optimal flow of Qi in the meridians.

Patrick found in Zenthai Shiatsu a language to express his deep Care and Love for humanity. He believesthat a harmonious internal environment and a relaxed nervous system are essential foundations for aradiant life and thrives on supporting others in being their greatest gifts to the world. He gently assessesthe limitations in our Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual bodies and patiently invites us to connectand fully feel them.

His passionate interest and practices in trauma recovery, Non Violent Communication, Plant Medicine and Taoism teach him to hold a safe and loving space where true healing magic unfolds.

Patrick Sterlin
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