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Pratima Mumford

Pratima’s many experiences with LSD from the age of 15 created a profound desire to awaken spiritually and recreate those enlightening experiences but without the help of substances. She thus embarked on numerous spiritual journeys, hitch hiking around the world to study with Hindu gurus in India, Buddhist monks in Tibet and Southeast Asia, Native American Indians in the United States, shamans in SouthAmerica, and witch doctors in Africa.

For six years, she studied under her final guru, Papaji, in the Advaitic lineage of Ramana Maharishi and gave Satsang on his request for seven years worldwide. Additionally, she served as the Australian emissary of mystic physicist Nassim Haramein and travelled to Egypt, Mexico, Croatia, and Bosnia with him.

Pratima also created the handicraft industry of beadwork in Bali, where she lived for 29 years, working to empower over 300 local women by making them financially independent.

With a life long passion for astrology, she has read hundreds of charts, including that of David Bowie, and regularly provides global predictions at the annual Woodford Folk Festival.

Pratima also hosts monthly gatherings called "Turning Point Talks" in Mullumbimby, inviting inspiring speakers to share their insights.

Workshop one

Astrological Predictions for 2023 and beyond.Join astrologer Pratima as she delves into the movement of the planets and offers predictions for the nextfew years in various areas, including spirituality & consciousness, politics, economics & education,advances in health & technology including the impact of AI.

With a focus on the years up until 2026, this talk will provide valuable insights on the potential direction of the world and help us to create the future we want to live in. As a regular speaker at the Woodford Folk Festival, Pratima has honed her skills in providing insightful and accurate predictions, making this talk an essential for anyone interested in understanding the future. 

Workshop two

Simple Tools for Spiritual Awakening. Join Pratima as she shares the simple yet profound tools and ideas she learned from her 6 years of studywith her spiritual master, Papaji, in the Advaitic tradition of Ramana Maharishi. In 1993 Papaji instructed Pratima to give “Satsang’, meetings in truth around the world. These talks are designed to help individuals become more compassionate, loving, wise and self accepting.

Through this talk, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the path to enlightenment and self-realization, and learn how to apply these principles in their everyday lives. This talk is ideal for those who are seeking to deepen their understanding of spirituality and to apply it in their daily lives. 

Pratima Mumford
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