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Trevor Wills

With a background in Body-Mind Trauma Release and Psychotherapy, Trevor is a deeply sensitivefacilitator in BioEnergetic Awareness, Meditation, Presence and Healing / Ecstatic states.

He is deeply committed to the exploration and cultivation of cosmovisions that bring us back to anecological sense of self. Subjects that inform him foundationally are Animism, Deep Time, Indigeneity,Phenomenology, Psychadelics, Somatic History and Techno-capitalism.

Trevor operates both one on one and in groups, with the premise that one cannot change the politics of theworld, without changing the very same politics structured into our own body-minds.

BioEnergetic DeArmouring / Release Therapist

Trevor has a unique & rare capacity to listen to the bio-electrics, flows, currents and intelligence of thehuman body, in direct relation to the activity of your mind(set).

With precise, hands on listening & oral guidance, Trevor assists you into genuine healing states, where'you' will get out of your own body-minds way.

'Eco-Psycho-Somatic' in practise, 'BioEnergetic' in approach, & 'Deep Ecology / Animist' in relation ... Allgrounded in a strong & sensed knowing of the Chinese & MyoFascial structural & energy systems, andcharacter armour.

Trevor unwaveringly tracks your psychosomatic responses to his words, actions & environment, (yourpersonal world). He precision guides everyone to “stay with the trouble”, locating & unwinding restrictiveholding patterns ( character armour) of your mind-body.

Various benefits include effective results for depression, addiction, muscular pain, suppressed emotion,trauma release, chronic fatigue, anxiety, PTSD, detox, fibromyalgia infection, cancer support, meditationand embodiment practice.Workshop - Touching the Shapeshifter

Trevor perceives the self as a living breathing fossil record of evolutionary intelligence and traumata.

There are many constrictive assumptions most of us bring to the table of modernist "reality".

This workshop is a living experiential intervention with these assumptions through animalian sensuality,immediacy and surrender.

A reorientation beyond the norms of work ,industrialism, performance, force and expectation.

Into an ecological & therefore psychadelic sense of self (as world), the deep past inside our ancestral presence.

We explore subtle yet potent experiential practises, so we can re-contact the world, each other andtherefore ourselves.

Trevor Wills
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