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July 22nd to July 29th – Byron Bay Hinterlands
Dr Mario Alam

World Doctor

Dr. Mario Alam is a Western medical doctor, holistic practitioner, and the visionary founder of World Doctor – an organisation built to activate collective awakening through empowering individuals with self-awareness and knowledge. He has connected to palms, hearts and souls throughout the world.

Dr. Mario has traveled in over 45 countries, speaks 5 languages, and has studied Western Medicine, Palmistry, Psychosomatics, Neurolinguistics and much more. An avid student of life, he has worked with many great spiritual teachers, indigenous Aboriginal elders, Native American shamans and medical pioneers.

Dr. Mario is empassioned to share all he has learned to awaken the wisdom of the soul, facilitating individuals from living in uncertainty and dis-ease to living in an embodied state of clarity and vitality.

About World Doctor

RESET is a transformative 7 day retreat program that provides a simple yet powerful framework to safely let go of the densities of emotions held in our bodies that contribute to dis-ease and disempowerment. RESET encompasses various modalities from around the world including SOUL LINE THERAPY ™, Psychosomatics, Neurolinguistics, Theta healing and Alignment

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In this fantastic (and free) audio training and Soul Line Meditation you'll learn how to embody your past and align your future that’ll give you the clarity and confidence to take control, let go and build your dreams, on your terms.

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“Dr Mario is world class, his compassionate heart and ability to open a safe comfortable space for real meaningful communication gave me the confidence that he was the one to guide me back to full health and give me a greater understanding of myself.”

Grant EaglesBusiness Manager
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