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Embodying Psychedelia

Mt Tamborine - Shambala Estate

March 15-17, 2024


Presenters and
Workshops from 2024

Navigating the Emergence of a Psychedelic Culture

Over 30 Presenters | 56 Workshops | Tribal Village | Healing Zone and so much more...

Held at Shambala Estate - Mt Tamborine, 15 - 17 March 2024
2025 dates for Mt Tamborine and Melbourne coming soom


Dive into an extraordinary event that transcends boundaries, where the journey of self-discovery and healing takes center stage. Embodying Psychedelia beckons you to join an unparalleled community of visionaries, practitioners, and seekers of inner truth


This event is not just a gathering; it's a seismic shift waiting to happen. Uniting the wisdom of psychedelics with physical embodiment, it offers a space for profound experiences, deep connections, and transformative growth. A burgeoning force of change in Australia's embodiment scene. Be part of its inception, and watch the magic unfold. The connections forged here will ripple through time, fostering collaborations that resonate for years to come.

The event will also feature health-conscious food and a dedicated marketplace offering products and services. Join us and be a part of this powerful embodied healing movement.

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A call for all to join Embodying Psychedelia 2023


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Birthing of Embodying Psychedelia

After our resounding success with the launch of our inaugural event March 2023 we journey further with our healing community.


On the historic date of February 4th, 2023, Australia achieved a groundbreaking milestone by becoming the first country globally to legalize psychedelics. Notably, starting from July 1st, psychiatrists in the country have been empowered to prescribe MDMA for PTSD and psilocybin for severe depression. This heralds a significant and promising leap forward in mental health treatment options. However, while the legalization marks a momentous stride, there remain formidable challenges to overcome in ensuring the effectiveness and accessibility of these treatments for those who stand to benefit. As a result, the culture surrounding psychedelics has emerged both in the above and the under ground scenes.  We stand at the precipice of notable changes in our human psyche as we become witness to the emergence of this psychedelic renaissance. The points of connectivity and collaboration from this weekend will birth important potential for its culture.

How does this page of history look like?

How do we as individuals and as collective play our part?


Given the inherent connecting and healing potential of psychedelics, how will the connections made at Embodying Psychedelia influence the emerging culture?

We create spaces where like-minded people come together to collaborate. To bring the collective mind into birthing what is possible. Creating grounding experiences to support the larger community as we start to transition into the normalisation of psychedelics.

The intention of this retreat is very clear and will not have any psychedelics offered. We will continue to create the container through which we can bring to form the wisdom of the psychedelics potentiated by the collaborative wisdom that will arise naturally when this container congregates. This excites us as I'm sure it intrigues and excites you too!

 In a society plagued by disconnection, this event stands as a potent solution—a bridge back to ourselves and each other. 


Explore the depths of psychedelic wisdom fused with somatics, science, spirituality, and shamanic insights. Experience the magic that ensues when these elements intertwine.

Expert presenters will guide you through a rich tapestry of somatic therapies, mindfulness practices, movement, breathwork, yoga, body-centered psychotherapy, and energy healing.

Are you inspired by collaboration? We sure are!

Emerging from this weekend will be unique opportunities to collaborate with other like-minded individuals. The community will build like a mycelium emerging from the sun. 

The weekend is modeled on the Ground, Transform, Expand framework in the RESET program by World Doctor. This program offers a path to healing trauma and activating psychedelic states without the use of plant medicine. A crucial prerequisite for anyone seeking plant medicine healing, it also acts as an adjunct to or as an alternative to psychedelics. Opportunities to continue in this collaboration model will emerge from this weekend. 

This collaborative model incorporates future practitioner training, healing retreats, workshops, one on one counselling services and somatic healing that integrates counselling, breath-work, dance, detoxification, yoga, qigong, sauna, ice baths, massage, vibrational and frequency support, acupuncture and other healing modalities. It is an exhilarating and profound experience

Join us for a gathering that goes beyond the ordinary—a celebration of healing, wisdom, and the unity of mind, body, and spirit. Embrace the profound and be part of a movement that's changing the paradigm of healing and self-discovery.


Are you ready to awaken forgotten wisdom within your soul? 


Be part of a dynamic group of human explorers, grounding creative approaches to the embodiment of psychedelic science and wisdom through embodied healing

Offering presentations and workshops from over 20 leaders in the embodied psychedelic movement bringing in the science and wisdom of psychedelics 

If you are a practitioner you may have  the opportunity to showcase your skills and contribute to the collaborative healing model in our free flow zone

Form new connections that can inspire grounded growth and expand the potential for collaboration in the future 

Networking with a like-minded and heart-connected community and relax into the evening with soulful conversations

Enjoy modalities and services such as ice baths, massage, sauna  and healing treatments to awaken your remembrance, detoxify and rejuvenate all your senses


Are you passionate about facilitating profound healing and well-being experiences? Do you recognize the essential link between the mind, body, and spirit in personal growth and transformation? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you!

We are inviting EXPERT PRESENTERS who align with EMBODYING PSYCHEDELIA and to join a team to share knowledge, wisdom and expertise. Our ideal Presenters are experts in their modality, including but not limited to Somatic Therapies, Mindfulness Practices, Yoga, and other transformative disciplines. You would be delivering captivating and transformative presentations, workshops, or sessions that showcase your EMBODIED APPROACH to healing and personal growth. You need to demonstrating an in-depth understanding of the vital CONNECTION between the mind, body, and spirit, fostering a holistic and comprehensive understanding of well-being. Inspire and empower participants to explore their own potential for growth and healing through your expertise and guidance. This is an incredible opportunity to be part of a life-changing event and impact the lives of many through your unique perspective and wisdom. If you are ready to contribute to the transformative power of Embodying Psychedelia, we want to hear from you!


Volunteer for Embodying Psychedelia and transform lives. Gain skills, support others, and dive into an exciting journey! Join the adventure!"


Kate Amy


Kate Amy.jpg
“Full powered gathering of like-minded people and the opportunity for immersive experiences into complementary embodiment modalities"

As a psychologist, therapist, meditation teacher and ceremonialist, with a active interest in the developing methodologies of psychedelic therapies, I found the Embodying Psychedelia event to be a full powered gathering of like-minded people and the opportunity for immersive experiences into complementary embodiment modalities. It was of immense value to be witness to open and honest discussions about psychedelics, to hear personal insights from people in attendance, and learn from the vast knowledge present in these discussions. This event was a significant move forward in this area as it also invited focus on incorporating embodiment practices into the burgeoning field of psychedelic sciences, and emphasised the importance of embodiment for the integration and continuation of people’s evolution and growth as a result of psychedelic experiences I also appreciated the gatherings of community for meals, breaks, leisure time, ceremony and celebration throughout the 3 days event. This offered everyone the opportunities for connection, support, and the unpacking shared experiences with fellow participants. I have so much gratitude for the sense of belonging and support fostered by this event. For anyone interested in embodiment technologies and spirit molecules I would highly recommend attending Embodying Psychedelia. Thank you to the vision of Mario Alam, all involved behind the scenes, and to all attendees for creating this transformational event.

Lousie Walker

Developmental Coach & Speaker

Louise Walker.jpg
"The overall energy of the event was really uplifting due to the high calibre of presenters and facilitators."

I loved the speakers and worships at Embodying Psychedelia - it gave me some beautiful insights into a world that is unfamiliar to me. The variety on the schedule was brilliant, the venue was stunning, the food was delicious and the cacao dance was so much fun. The overall energy of the event was really uplifting due to the high calibre of presenters and facilitators and the heart centred people that showed up to attend. Beautifully executed,

Dr Geoff Berry

Australian representative Ecopsychology Society

Geoff Berry.jpg
“I had an excellent experience. Mario, Matt and the team ran it very professionally”

I was part of the first Embodying Psychedelia gathering, and I had an excellent experience. Mario, Matt and the team ran it very professionally. The speakers were fascinating and the experiences were very grounding, in alignment with the theme. How do we embody psychedelic or cosmic experiences? How do we integrate them into everyday life, so that we are enlightened by them, but also still able to function amongst our friends, family and wider society? I presented on ecotherapy because I believe that connection with nature grounds us and brings us back into flow, but all of my other experiences were great and it made me realise how many different ways there are to do this work. Thanks Mario and Matt, I’d love to stay involved.

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